Magento 2

Why gift cards will help magento store owners increase their revenue ?

According to a new consumer research from Retail Giftcard Association, american shoppers really love giving and receiving gift cards, they are always in demand and therefore offering significant incremental sales opportunities to store owners. More than 2,100 consumers are involved in a survey conducted by the association, the survey was focusing on how consumers use their gift cards, like for giving and ... Read More »

How to run cron jobs in Magento 2


With regards to Magento 2 and cron jobs, there are a few upgrades contrasting with Magento 1. It is still preoccupied in the way that you don’t generally run jobs straightforwardly, rather, you utilize cron syntax to setup periodical method execution by means of Magento scheduler that chips away at top of system’s cron utility. Here are some valuable clues to ... Read More »