What are news in Magento EE 1.14 and Magento CE 1.9 ?

What are news in Magento EE 1.14 and Magento CE 1.9 ?

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Recently you might have heard good news that the magento team has released magento new versions of Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) 1.14 and Community Edition (CE) 1.9, those new versions are available for download since May 13th, 2014 and if for any reasons you have been missing this important information, I will show you right here more details about it, together we will discover new features of these latest versions and how they can help in serving your online visittors better.

What are news in Magento EE 1.14 and Magento CE 1.9 ?

I guess you are now curious about the latest features came with these new versions, As mentioned in a blog from magento official site, most notable features are a new responsive design reference theme that makes it cheaper and faster to get a tablet and smart phone-friendly store , an enhancement payment and checkout option to help increase sales, and is cross-border price consistency.

It’s cheaper and faster to Get a Responsive Site

It is not disputed  that Responsive is the best solution for mobile ecommerce because it requires invest in one site that can serve multi devices, a single responsive site also less costly and require less time to maintain than different themes for different sites and different devices.

Take a look here to learn more on how could responsive design benefit your onine bussiness

We have seen a rapid growth in mobile ecommerce in the past few years and according to a predict from emarketer  the growth is even more ahead with Mcommerce growing from an estimated 24% of retail ecommerce sales in 2014, and rise to 35% in 2017, and Magento is helping merchant to take advantage of this rapid growth by reducing the time and cost typically required to build a responsive online store

Better payment and financing options

These new product releases now have a new service call  “bill me later”, the service offer customers the possibility of buy now and pay later and of course with no additional cost to the merchant, There is a study by forrester estimates that by offerring “bill me later” feature the merchants see their sales increases up to 18 percent.

Magento also offer a new option related to PayPal Express Checkout which automaticly showing alternative payment options selection  when a customer’s credit card is refused that would help to facilitates Customers

Fresher Search Results and faster indexing

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 now has improvements as native support for Solr 3.6.2 and automaticly perform search indexing as product catalog changes,with these improvements  customers will enjoy fresher search result and merchants have more efficient operations and better admin performance during search indexing.

A single price across countries

To those merchants who have customers from across international borders Magento now give them a new configuration option name price consistency that allow them to set a single price to customers in any parts of the world and that price is not affected of tax rates or any other policies that may apply from state to state., this new configuration therefore giving them greater control over their store as welll as how their pricing is displayed

Improved product quality and addition features

As mentioned in Magento’s blog post, more than 50 product improvements of Magento EE 1.14 and Magento CE 1.9 are featured in these releases that improves quality and security throughout the product.

For more detailed information about these Magento releases, you can readMagento Knowledge Base.To download login to your account or visit  the  Community Edition page

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