what is the best magento SEO extension

As a online store owner and not technical persion it might be hard for you to know whether your store is search engine optimization or not and if it’s not then you probably need to install a SEO extension but which one to choose from a long list ?

At Mageaddon we’ve been working with magento for 5 years and we have been seeing both magento’s SEO functionality and Magento SEO extensions evolving and improving. we’ve never developed a magento SEO extension ourself so that I am confident to say that i can give you an fair, honest answer on this matter. There are a lot of magento SEO extension out there that come from various magento extension providers (some of them have different versions), it could be hard for a store owner to find out which one to choose because they often list a lot of similar features and maybe it’s not clear which of those features do you really need.
if you have config your store to have a properly SEO configuration and you don’t use layered navigation on your store then from our experience your online store’s SEO will be just fine without any extensions, otherwise if you have layered navigation then things are a bit more complicate.

Magento SEO extensions for layered navigation

Dealing with magento layered navigation SEO you will need a magento extension only if you want any combination of attributes as long tail keyword otherwise you don’t need to use SEO extension and just need to add mete noindex, follow to the URLs or don’t allow search engines to reach to the layered URLs at all. It mean that if you need to rank for any long tail keyword that is combinations of some category name and/or some attribute name you will need to rewrite layered navigation URLs and therefore you will need to use magento extension for that purpose.

I list out here some extensions that I have used and are famous extensions on this mater

Amasty Improved Navigation-SEO Layered Navigation
This SEO extension is just a part of a package that include extensions for improving Layered Navigation purpose. By breaking down it to separate extension, it make things easier and more convenient for users to config, by the way it bring you unlimited abilitys for setting meta tags, page titles, not to mentioned headings and content (CMS blocks) for any combination of layered navigation’s attributes.

Manadev SEO Layered Navigation Plus

This powerful extension work with both community and enterprise edition. it give you comprehensive control to rewtire layered navigation’s URLS, page titles and meta no-index options for any combinations you don’t want to be indexed by search engines. This is a very powerful extension but with too many options sometime it will get you confusing, if you decide to pick this one be prepared to spend quite a lot of to explore all it’s options and think about the best ways to use it on your limited niche.

There are a few more extensions out there but we don’t need to mention them here because
1) Those extensions do not have full features as the twom mentioned above
2) They are not popular and often do not work with Magento community and Magento enterprise edition
3) I have never tried them yet

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you know an extension that adapt to all requirements I listed above and not in the extension list above.

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